Our 2019 Graduate Schemes Are Now Open for Applications

Apply now for a Spring, Summer or Autumn 2019 start.

Open Positions

Software Engineering Graduate Scheme - New York
Software Engineering Graduate Scheme - Limerick, Ireland

We'll discuss with you during the interview process what your strengths and interests are and align you to the most suitable position. We have openings across our tech stack, so will have a place for backend engineers, full stack developers, database engineers and web developers.
Application process
  • CV Submission
  • A take home coding challenge
  • A phone call with one of our recruiters
  • A phone interview with our developers
  • An short onsite interview
  • Locations
    • New York
    • Limerick

    Our Current Graduates

    Jeroen V.
    Software Engineer - Website
    BSc. Applied Computer Science
    Hogeschool Gent
    "In my first 9 weeks I was shifted around a few times for a few weeks each which I absolutely loved. By getting these introductions to different parts of the business and technology stack in my first weeks I was able to utilize information I gained in each of them in other areas. That was extremely valuable both in productivity as in personal development because I learned a lot from different smart people. It also helped a lot to meet all kinds of people around the office and learn what strengths they have. I love it here because of the varied work I do on a daily basis and the smart people I'm surrounded with. Each day could be about working on a tool, creating an experiment for the website, investigating a performance issue, tracking down an elusive bug, helping someone else learn something new, sit together with a senior dev to be taught something, etc. As long as that keeps happening I will never get tired of this place!"
    Jenn T.
    Software Engineer - Website
    B.A. Civil Engineering
    Brown University
    "Viagogo interested me because I wanted to be in an environment in which I could learn a lot in all areas of web development and be able to have an impact right away. In many companies, it may take months before you are able to contribute any impactful ideas, write any code that goes into production, or take on a lot of responsibility. That's not the case here. From day one, you have the ability to contribute - from design ideas to code implementation. Everyone is supportive and is eager to help with any difficulties or confusion you may have, and there isn't a single person who is unapproachable and unwilling to listen to what you have to say. There's always an interesting project to be a part of or concept to explore. There's never a dull moment. There isn't more you can ask for when you are just starting out!"
    Ed C.
    Technology Recruiter
    B.A. Politics and International Relations
    Homerton College, Cambridge
    "I started at viagogo as an intern after my final year of University. I knew that I wanted to work in tech but I wasn’t sure which area specifically, and I thought an internship was the perfect opportunity to see whether it was right for me in the long term. Within my first few weeks I knew that I had made the right decision. I was given challenging work from day one, and was trusted to manage interesting projects from across the business. As a recent graduate, I was really excited by the social side of work, especially all the weekly sports on offer. I enjoyed my first few months so much that when I was offered a permanent position it was a very easy decision to make!""