Our 2018 Placement Schemes Are Now Open for Applications

Apply now for a Spring, Summer or Autumn 2018 start. Our placements last from 9 - 14 months.

Open Positions

Software Engineering Placement Scheme

We'll discuss with you during the interview process what your strengths and interests are and align you to the most suitable position. We have openings across our tech stack, so will have a place for backend engineers, full stack developers, database engineers and web developers.
Application process
  • CV Submission
  • A phone call with one of our recruiters
  • A take home coding challenge
  • A phone interview with our developers
  • An onsite interview
  • IT Placement Scheme

    • Geneva
    • New York
    • London
    • Limerick
    Application process
    • CV Submission
    • A phone call with one of our recruiters
    • A phone interview with our IT Team
    • An onsite interview

    Our Current Placements

    Lucas C.
    Pre University Placement
    Software Engineer - Website
    "As soon as I joined viagogo I was immersed in a dynamic and flexible environment. I was introduced to each person of the technology team, meeting different personalities and understanding the company as a whole. Our team is a young, energetic and connected team, we have complete freedom to discuss the implementation of new frameworks and suggest unique new features everyday. We also keep the site updated with the latest releases and tools available. Currently I'm in the middle of my 12 month placement, and, in the time I've spent here, I had the opportunity to have hands-on experience on diverse tools that make up the site as a whole: from running database queries, to analyzing business data and, of course, developing new features for the website. Every day is a different day and there is always a challenge to overcome, that's why you never get bored and in the end you can see solid results from your efforts, making real contributions to the business! More than just an office, here you can make new friends and every day feel more comfortable in your role. Viagogo is a company with well-established goals, well formulated strategies and always in search of innovation. And it's really amazing to be a part of all this!"
    Umar K.
    Bsc. Computer Science
    Kings College London
    "Working here has simply been amazing. The scope, ambition, and technology here are breathtaking. Everyone here is incredibly talented and I am being mentored by veteran software engineers that have quickly become my heroes. That's the point, beyond the software that you will be exposed to (which is ridiculous), it's about the people you work with and what you work on. Simply, here at viagogo, everyone wants you to succeed and you get to be part of something that impacts millions (yes, millions). As a young software developer, that is what you really want. Especially as a student, this is the best place you can be. The collective passion is wonderful but the work we do here is even better. I work in platform and the challenges and work I do on the platform team are so fulfilling. I get to work with two of the most senior and best software engineers I will ever meet and I get to work on real-world problems that seem galactic-- that is how multifaceted and challenging the work here is. Honestly, I do not want to go back to university, it is simply that good here."
    Fran L.
    LLB. Law with Politics
    The University of Manchester
    South Africa
    "Viagogo is a great place to work! Working in a fast-paced environment with my dynamic team there is never a dull day. I have a large amount of freedom in my role and have been given increasing responsibility that no other internship could have offered me. Provided with an in-team, and out-of-team mentor, I have the advice and support network to achieve my career goals. Everyone in the office is very approachable, I’m always able to ask for help if I need it. The office is very social and there’s loads to get involved with - from sports teams, to poker night."